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The Best Food to Eat Before Playing 5-a-side Soccer

Posted Wednesday 22nd June 2016
Category: Nutrition

5-a-side soccer, like any other high intensity exercise requires you to be on top form. We know that stretching and warming up prior to your game is a great way to get your body and mind ready, but the food you eat before your match could be giving you an edge, or letting you down. We look at some of the best foods you should eat to be able to play your 5-a-side soccer game at your peak. When to eat before your 5-a-side soccer match Before we get into the exact foods, we need to talk about when you should eat them. As 5-a-side is high intensity, with lots of running, and jumping, you don’t want to be eating anything heavy right before you play. According to the AIS, you should be aiming to either eat a larger meal 3-4 hours prior to your match, or a light snack…

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