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Getting Fit For 5-a-side Football

Posted Monday 20th June 2016
Category: Soccer Fitness

If you’ve just started playing 5-a-side, you’ll know that as well as a great hobby to enjoy with friends, it’s a killer workout. If you want to perform at your peak, there are some exercises that you can do to improve general fitness, endurance and stamina, all of which are ideal for 5-a-side soccer. Most of these 4 exercises can be performed at home, a gym, or the park, so there’s no need for special gear or equipment – Just a stopwatch (or stopwatch app), a towel and a water bottle. Once you’ve mastered these exercises, sign your team up to a tournament. And the other team will never know what hit ‘em! Interval sprinting 5-a-side soccer is a high intensity game, where you’ll be up and running until the round ends. In order to capitalise on this kind of exercise, you need to look towards high intensity interval training…

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