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5-A-Side Football BOOM!

Posted Thursday 14th April 2016

Purpose-built 5-a-side football facilities are emerging in force as the new improved version of the game goes from strength to strength. From Fairfield to Caringbah to Tuggerah, purpose-built 5-a-side football facilities are finally here. As of June last year five 5-a-side soccer facilities will be open for business in NSW and VIC. This is a far cry from when 5Sports first opened their doors to the Sutherland Shire football community almost five years ago. Judging by these numbers the phenomenal growth of purpose-built 5-a-side football appears to be on course to continue as it did so spectacularly 20 years ago in the UK. The game in the UK is so popular, where it is reported that over 200 similar facilities exist, that participation numbers have overtaken the more traditional 11-a-side game over the last few years. So what is it about the game that has men, women and children flocking to the…

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